Everlasting HOPE

Everlasting HOPE is a non-profit ministry with the purpose of reaching children and families within Cebu, Philippines.  Our primary focus is to help children with cancer or other serious illnesses by providing access to healthcare services.  We will advocate for the child and family through coordinating healthcare resources and connection to various agencies and organizations.  We will give the much needed emotional and spiritual care to the child and family during this difficult time and help bring the support of the local community around the family.

We are excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of an Everlasting HOPE Center in Cebu City that will house children with cancer and their families while receiving treatment in Cebu.

At the Heart of EVERLASTING HOPE: We have found that families just need someone to walk alongside them supporting them emotionally and spiritually.  When we can help families with their practical needs such as medicines and nutrition, it allows for us to build a relationship, which then gives us an opportunity to point them to Jesus who is their only source of HOPE!

   Touch One Child                ♥      One Family      ♥        Reach an Entire Community

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