Everlasting HOPE is a non-profit organization with the purpose of reaching children and families within Cebu, Philippines.  Our primary focus is to help children with cancer or other serious illnesses by providing 1) Access to healthcare resources, 2) Center for Children with Cancer, 3) emotional and spiritual support, and 3) a respite home for children and their families from Cebu Province and other nearby islands of the Philippines while they avail medical care in Cebu.  We advocate for children and families through coordinating healthcare resources and connection to various agencies, organizations, and medical care teams.  We provide the necessary emotional and spiritual care to the child and family in addition to bringing the support of the community around the family.

Since opening our Everlasting HOPE Center in July 2016, we have been able to support over 65 children with cancer and have housed 18 children and their families from 7 islands of the Philippines.  

At the Heart of EVERLASTING HOPE: We have found that families undergoing medical crisis are in great need of someone to walk alongside them to listen and to provide emotional support.  When we can help families with their practical needs such as housing, medicines, and transportation, it allows for us to build a relationship, which then gives us an opportunity to point them to Jesus who is their only source of HOPE!

   Touch One Child                ♥      One Family      ♥        Reach an Entire Community